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What to Watch Next?

Welcome back to TalkswithTea! For this blog I wanted to do something different, something kinda fun. If you stumbled across this page it means you’re looking for something new to watch. Am I right? Sometimes you just want to watch something different but don’t know where to start. I totally get it! For starters, you should know that I’m into sitcoms, comedies, and dramas; bonus if you can get all three in one show!

Before we begin, I would just like to clarify that these are not numbered in any particular order. I don’t have a #1 favorite show. There are a lot of shows that I love equally.

These are the shows that are easy, binge worthy shows. They’re also the shows I can watch 100 times and never get tired of:

  1. The Big Bang Theory

    1. If you love Sheldon Cooper’s character, consider watching Young Sheldon afterwards

  2. Friends

  3. How I Met Your Mother

  4. Schitt’s Creek

  5. New Girl

  6. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

  7. Boy Meets World

These are a few random sitcoms that I’ve only seen either once or twice but are good, funny, binge worthy shows:

  1. Young & Hungry

  2. Happy Endings

    1. I’ve only watched this once but it was really funny and I plan to rewatch it at some point in the near future. I binge watched it so fast!

  3. That 70’s show

  4. Golden Girls

    1. I feel like a lot of the episodes are the same so I feel like I’ve rewatched it a bunch, when in reality I’ve only seen it once, but oh my goodness are those women funny!

  5. The Neighborhood

    1. I just recently started watching this for the first time. I’m almost to season 3 but it’s really funny. If you enjoy New Girl, you’ll like this show because Max Greenfield plays his character very similar to Schmidt (his character in New Girl)

These are my favorite tv dramas, most of which are binge worthy, but they’re longer episodes so it takes a bit longer to finish, although I’m not going to lie, 3 of these shows I binge watched in a day or two…(oops):

  1. One Tree Hill

  2. You

  3. Cruel Summer

  4. The Vampire Diaries

  5. The Originals

  6. Legacies

    1. Legacies was good but wasn’t as good as The Vampire Diaries or Originals, but I was dedicated to the shows and needed to watch the last spin off. Also they made Danielle Russell (the actress that played Hope) look like a freaking QUEEN in the last two seasons and I was here for it

  7. Riverdale

  8. The Flash

  9. Dead to Me

    1. This one is really easy to binge watch. There’s only 3 seasons, each of which has 10 episodes that are only 30 minutes. Yes, it’s one of the three.

When I watch a show I want to either be laughing or be curled up with a blanket or pillow with my eyes glued to the tv from the intensity. These shows will have me doing one or the other.

Anyway, I hope you venture out and give one or two, or, ya know, all of them, a try at some point, and I also hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for talking with me!

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