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We're in this thing called life, and we're in it together

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Hi there! Welcome to TalkswithTea. The goal for my blog is to help others through this crazy thing we call life. Chances are we've had similar problems, and I would like to share how I've personally handled these situations. Maybe my tips will help, maybe they won't, but it can't hurt to try, right?


Please be kind as I'm new to the blog world. No negativity here please. We are here to help one another, not bring anyone down.


There also may be some recipes here and there as I enjoy baking.


Donations are not expected, but if you choose to contribute, your generous support will go directly towards the ongoing creation and maintenance of this blog. This includes costs associated with website hosting, research, content creation, and time invested in developing and sharing these recipes and life advice.

or Venmo me: @talkswithtea

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